I have prepared this page to be able to share the effects of my work with other people having a passion for bygone eras. Here I am showing the objects made in my workshop – I have all made them myself by means of traditional techniques without using modern machine tools. If you are willing to order one of the visible specimens you will probably be satisfied. Many of my products have gained recognition of customers in the whole world. I am continually receiving new orders – this is why the issue of the waiting time for the placed orders arises. I treat every order individually. The products are manufactured by means of time-consuming techniques. Therefore I do not have ready commodities on stock... You must know that by purchasing my products you invest your money well. These objects do not lose their value. You can earn on them if you decide to get rid of them. Many a time I was amazed by the prices of my products on the aftermarket ... In the past my products were signed by the JL copy mark. Now I use a signature: JL/TB copy.