About me

I am a “Renaissance man”. I have many passions and interests – it would be hard to name them one after the other. Writing a few sentences for each the description would become a multi-layered book … 1

The website on which you found yourself refers only to the products imitating old military equipment, functional and related to the judiciary (instruments of torture). From my very early childhood this assortment was for me an object of sighs and fascination. The fascination for weapon as an object of craft not fascination for killing.

As a seven-year-old boy with a plastic small sabre and fur hat I felt happy being able to run on a meadow pretending one of the heroes from books. Some time later when ordinary prosaic aspects of life came it was not so beautiful. One had to earn one’s own living by simply working and so my occupational work started in various lines of business over the years performed with small or smaller satisfaction. 2However, it was useful (except providing well for the family) to have experience acquired in treatment of all kinds of accessible materials. It let me seriously take up an activity which except material dimension gives a feeling of pleasure. It is important to do something that you like …

In the Gallery you can have a look at the hitherto existing achievements. It is worthy to look as at times I supplement this website with new specimens.

Coming back to work – in a certain moment I reached a stage where the question of “how to do it” changed into the question of “what else to make”? It was easier and easier for me. But I still raise standards. 3Sometime I would like to totally eliminate modern tools (though now I already use them sporadically) and reconstruct the produced objects only with the tools used in the old times. Indeed I will still use electric lighting and forced airflow underneath the hearth, without these improvements work would last even longer than now when it still consumes lots of time.

In fact, it is difficult to define in what profession I work … I am familiar with the techniques which were in the past reserved for a locksmith, blacksmith, sword maker, armourer, engraver, foundry worker and many other ..

It is irrelevant – it is now more important to me to take up and meet new challenges.

As long as my health allows and I am still able … I look for new information and experiment a lot … 4I gather literature and photographic documentation. All this lets me know more and more. As much as possible I also try to get to know the structure of the objects in which I am interested in the real world – it is irreplaceable experience.

The next interesting and enlightening experience are trips to scrapyards – it has been my best “tool market” so far. It is there where I manage to find subsequent forgotten and tools not being used for years which are not needed by anyone and they come back to life at my place. It is on a scrap heap that I can find old fittings … hinges … gratings which were primitively decorated by someone with a chisel wanting to give it esthetic values. 6Such “junk” before reaching a metallurgical furnace may give us precious hints especially referring to applied techniques, simple and effective solutions, used tools and materials …

To sum up, I will say that there are some effects, I am moving on but the more I learn the more questions arise …